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 Neat Dictionary Utility

Hi Guys

Here is ANOTHER utility to view some of your dictionary info.

I was just playing around with templates, and wrote this.

It's a template utility, so copy it to your templates directory
and register dctutil.tpl.
Now when you're in your app and press ctrl-u
you can get limited information on your dictionary.

You'll see immediately what it does.

The utility is actually a hack. So don't press the insert
or properties etc. buttons that will appear.
It was only designed to VIEW information.

This is a play template, no output formatting, no debuggin
 no nothing.

If you want to modify the output, I'd be glad to receive
a copy of the modified template   :-).


PS. The template is sent as a zipped attachement.
It consists of 2 file: dctutil.tpl and dctinfo.tpw


Mon, 21 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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