Clarion 5 Enterprise Edition - Service Release 1 
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 Clarion 5 Enterprise Edition - Service Release 1

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Clarion 5 Enterprise Edition Updates

Clarion 5 Enterprise Service Release 1 (EESR-1)

TopSpeed is pleased to announce that Enterprise Edition SR-1 is now
available as a free download.
TopSpeed is committed to delivering solutions based on customer feedback.
TopSpeed has worked closely
with its beta customers and its alpha test team to deliver continuous
improvement to the Enterprise Edition.

The key benefits of Enterprise Edition Service Release 1 include:

1. Contains a fix for a problem found with ODBC/SQL drivers when using
RESET(file, key)

2. Contains a fix for a GPF when using more than 16384 elements in a queue
in 16-bit programs.

3. Contains a fix for GPFs when using the synchronizer with some MSSQL

4. Contains fixes in Data Modeller for several minor bugs, and adds new
functionality in two areas:

View options has been extended to include POOL,GLOBAL,FILE filters. See View

Field Pool now has two tabs to be able to sort the pool:

In File sequence. This allows you to see the Fields with prefix and in file
declaration order. Useful in large applications.

5. TopSpeed Version Control System corrects an error that prevented New ->
Source from opening the source editor.
VCS201.EXE is a self-running patch for the VCS.

Files available:
eesr1.exe [~1 mb]  Service Release 1 (as described above) to run on 32-bit
operating systems (Win95 or NT).

eesr1win.exe [~1 mb Service Release 1 (as described above) to run on 16-bit
operating systems.

vcs201.exe [~175 kb] A self-running patch for the TopSpeed Version Control
System. [ ~2mb] Replacement for the Language Reference PDF. This fixes a
corrupt page 368 which could affect searches. [35 kb] Clarion 5 completed tutorial application. The tutorial
installed to the ..\examples\tutor directory was mistakenly the Clarion 4
version of the tutorial.

TopSpeed Corporation
150 East Sample Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
(800) 354-5444
(954) 785-4555

Sat, 05 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Clarion 5 Enterprise Edition - Service Release 1


>Will a CD release be available?

No plans to cut a CD-ROM.  Interim releases, these are lettered releases
(C5A, C5B, etc.) that represent substantial product changes, bug fixes and
enhancements are always mastered onto a CD-ROM, but service releases are
only available by download.  The service releases are by design limited
to a very small number of safe fixes, and minor enhancements to product

Sun, 06 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Clarion 5 Enterprise Edition - Service Release 1
I'll forward this to Documentation, and see if we can't post updated files
on the web site.

>Hi Robert,
>It would be nice if a fix for the the examples in the rwriter
>directory would be included. The project files refer to C4

Sun, 06 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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