Experienced Clarion developer available in South Africa. 
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 Experienced Clarion developer available in South Africa.

Have a B.Tech (Information Technology) from PE Tech (1992 to 1995) and
have done a 1 year course in taxation through UNISA.

Since 1996 have been developing for a software house that specialises
in financial software and more specifically Income Tax.  Have
developed a number of applications for the tax calculations, the
administration of tax, the structure of salary packages, the testing
of electronic tax data, the maintenance of vehicles, loan
calculations, investment calculations, testing of interest amount in
overdrafts and also an address book / diary etc.  Have also developed
an in-house invoicing system that handles all orders, invoices,
receipts and registration of software.

I have experience with numerous templates including Secwin,
BackFlash, TinTools, EmailReport  and have used others in older
products (EZHelp, Insight, DasReg) and have experimented with others
but never used for numerous reasons (File Manager, MakeOver, MailFax
and QDDE).

A full resume is available on request and a link to demo downloads of
commercial products that I have developed.

Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:06:47 GMT  
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