C5EE..import file into dct using btrieve ddf...GPF 
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 C5EE..import file into dct using btrieve ddf...GPF

I'm trying to build a dictionary that will define a set of  existing
Btrieve data files.
I'm doing:      File/New/Dictionary
I get a new dictionary dialog.
I then do:      File/Import File
                I select the Pervasive SQL (Btrieve) driver and then

                tell it that I want to import using DDF files.
I then locate the ddf files (field.ddf, file.ddf, index.ddf) and
select file.ddf.
Then I click Finish
At this point I get a GPF.   The C5log.txt has the following contents

Error: General Protection Fault
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5RUN.DLL 2b:1072
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5RUN.DLL 3e:1ac7
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5BTR.DLL  4:03ce
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5BTR.DLL  4:0449
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5BTR.DLL  7:0f2b
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5RUN.DLL 16:0049
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5RUN.DLL 16:001d
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5ADM.DLL 3d:605e
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5ADM.DLL 38:200e
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5ADM.DLL 2e:0f4b
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5ADM.DLL 2a:0c73
   C:\CLARION5\BIN\C5ADM.DLL 38:3b38

H E L P ! ! !


Sam Brunello, Jr
S.B. Data Systems, Inc.

Sun, 10 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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