LSZip Self-Extractor SDK -- Beta Testers Needed 
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 LSZip Self-Extractor SDK -- Beta Testers Needed

*** LSZip Self-Extractor SDK ***

LSZip Self-Extractor SDK (LSZip SFX-SDK) provides an easy and royalty-
free way for software application developers to add self-extracting Zip
archive creation to 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications.

The LSZip Self-Extractor SDK is an optional module that can be purchased
for use with our high-performance LSZip Data Compression Library.

-- What is a Self-Extracting Zip file? --

A self-extracting Zip file is an executable program file (.EXE) that
includes a Zip file and software to "unzip" the contents of the Zip
archive.  Users can "run" a self-extracting Zip file just as they run
any other program.  No unzipping programs (such as Pkzip, WinZip, or
external DLLs) are required on the user's machine in order to extract
the contents of the Zip file.

LSZip SFX-SDK compiles (without any user interaction) native 16-bit and
32-bit self-extracting Zip archives that can contain multiple highly
compressed files.

This makes it possible to completely automate the process (absolutely no
user intervention) from the creation of the .ZIP file (using the LSZip
Compression Libraries), to the generation of the native Windows .EXE.

The compiled self-extracting Zip files are fully compatible with LSZip,
Pkzip and WinZip.

The resulting executables are ideal for delivering data, sending source-
code, documents, graphics and other files to customers, co-workers and
associates over the internet or via e-mail.

-- C5.5 Web Support --

LSZip SFX-SDK makes it possible to perform automated self-extracting
Zip file creation on your Clarion 5.5 web sites.

-- Availability --

The full featured LSZip Self-Extractor SDK is getting close to be ready
for Beta Testing.  Our goal is to ship LSZip Self-Extractor SDK (BETA)
by the end of May 2000.  If you are interested in beta testing our new

Thank you,

Friedrich Linder
[TopSpeed Technology Partner]
Linder Software -

Tue, 05 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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