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 Related records

> What you are doing is maintaining a many to many relationship between file A
> and file C by using a linking file file B  ie.  This is treated in the
> manuals (somewhere) very well.

> A <<-->> C  is modelled by   A <<--> B <-->> C

> So, set up your dictionary with these relationships.

> Then, you have at least  two alternatives;

> 1) Have a list box browsing on file B.   You could populate the first field
> in the list as the name from File A and the second field as the description
> from file C  The problems are  that you can only order it by the keys you
> have set up for file B and you won't be able to order it by customer name
> for instance and also, you will have many records with the same file A name.

> 2) Have a browse of file A and another, related, browse box browsing B
> showing only the records belonging to the current value of A
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> John Van Der Leden
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> Auckland, New Zealand.

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that is how I had it set up.  Browsing is not the problem, it is when
I desing the report, as soon as I referance the child file in the
file schematic it causes records to be printed multiple times, with
no apparent corelation to number of records in the child file and the
number of times the master record duplicates :(  It is pretty
wierd.... Thanx for helping me out with this, I have been tearing my
hair out for over 3 weeks with this.  :)

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