Embed points for double entry or templates for double entry bookkeeping 
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 Embed points for double entry or templates for double entry bookkeeping

I'm porting my double entry bookkeeping system from Clarion 2.1 for
DOS (was mostly handcrafted code) to Clarion 5.5 PE with the ABC
templates.  Every transaction has to have two linked records in the
transaction file -- one with the source account number, the other with
the destination account number (both in the same account number

I want to have browse and entry forms that show all of the records
with a specific account number in the account number field. Any time a
record is added/changed/deleted, the 'partner' record has to be
automatically added/changed/deleted under the covers. Which ABC embed
points do I use to handle the 'partner' record?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a good 3rd party library/template
set that handles the double entry part but allows me to customize the
forms and data tables?

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