File Manager 2.9 - New Features or simply Bugs??? 
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 File Manager 2.9 - New Features or simply Bugs???

Hi Everybody,

  Lately, I've been upgrading my File Manager to version 2.9.  When
compiling I got no error at all but when running application I got fatal
error getting me out of my application (the FM procedure were built
using "RuntimeFileManager" template).  

  First step someone told me to do was to delete everything and recreate
my fm2 procedure by creating an empty window template and then by adding
the "RuntimeFileManagerControls" template.  Did it and it went OK.  BUT,
feature I used to have before, it seems now that I have no access to the
"ProgressWindow" definition so I can't translate it into French language
like I could with FM 2.5.  My questions are:

   - Does the "RuntimeFileManager" have bugs.  Because, comparing to
     "RuntimeFileManagerControls" control template, I can't use this
     template to build my procedure.  Just gives me fatal error when
     running application as I first stated.

   - Is there any way I can translate the ProgressWindow part of
FileManager in french?
     I went into "Template Registry" and translated the window using the
     Definition" feature.  But it still comes back in English when I try
to re-create
     my procedure using the template...:(  I probably missed

Hope to hear from someone,


Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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