HELP !..PLEASE,PLEASe,PLEAse,PLEase,PLease,Please,please..... 
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 HELP !..PLEASE,PLEASe,PLEAse,PLEase,PLease,Please,please.....

This is infuriating ! can anyone help

In C.D.3102 I am calling a report from a procedure.

A source,{*filter*}batch file is called and copies ranged records from
several places into
a ACSII file (which is "emptied" first). This works well.

When I call the report (which reads the ACSII file), the first time, it
functions perfectly. When I call it a secound time it locks up
everything (frozen screen and the old beep beep keyboard thing).

Using debug, it appears that the last line to (unsuccessfully) execute
is the CLOSE(SCREEN) statement in the (standard) report template. The
last errorcode returned is the (correct) EOF error for the NEXT
statement in the ACSII file. The DEVICE makes no difference, it craps
out to a view or LPT.

Why does the report work once and then lock up (just prior to returning)
on subsequent attempts....oh why why why why !!!!

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