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 White Box C

White Box C is a language system that I have always wanted to have, and  I
have finally
'finished' building it. WBC is implemented as a combination
monitor for the C language and it is aimed at people writing their first few

There are 4 aims for WBC:-
  1) To translate a source program in Standard C  and run the program.
  2) To show and tell and explain [in English] how ANY expression in the C
language is
evaluated using the data in the users program.
 3a) To see if any arithmetic operation would fail and report on it. [such
as divide by
 3b) To track the disposition of every variable, so that errors [such as
reading from a
variable that has never been assigned a value] can be detected.
  4) To count a wide range of events, such as the number of times a
statement has been
executed to the number of floating point multiplies that have been done.

WBC is built with Standard C [~60,000 lines of code]. The initial
implementation is for
the Wintel NT WS platform, but the system has been designed and built to be
portable to
any platform. It is at a stage where other people could make use of it -
many features
could still be added. The execution speed of WBC is very poor, but it still
runs at a
reasonable rate [Speed is about 30,000 statements per second on my 233MHz

WBC implements C, but a large part of the system is applicable to any
language. From
here I could implement C++, Algol, Pascal, JAVA etc.

I am at a beta testing stage with WBC. I intend to release the initial
version as Shareware
via the Internet.
Because I wrote the system, I am not the best person to objectively test it.
I want to make
contact with individuals interested in helping me test the system. [or a
small university
I would also be interested in talking to an education oriented software
publisher. Such a
system would be very applicable to building a library of algorithms
explaining how doubly-
linked lists work, etc.


Sat, 13 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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