Are there std Floating Pt. Exts.? 
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 Are there std Floating Pt. Exts.?

The Floating Point C Extensions (FPCE) part of the technical report produced
by the Numerical C Extensions Group (NCEG) is being proposed as changes to C9X.

Several vendors have implemented FPCE over the last several years.

I have a test suite to test conformace to FPCE.  A sample test can be
found at in the directory /ftp/pub/ty/tydeman/* via
anonymous FTP.

Fred Tydeman          +49 (7031) 288-964  Tydeman Consulting

71032 Boeblingen      /\old/\   \/new\/   Numerics editor of Jrnl. C Lang. Tran.

Wed, 05 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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