Efficient use of file handles in external sort 
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 Efficient use of file handles in external sort

 >The first question is do you need a lot of file handles?  An external
 >merge sort should only need three at a time.
 >Any method of pre-allocating memory is likely to be a little messy.
 >Probably the least messy would be:
 >  1.  Allocate a small (reserve) buffer.
 >  2.  Allocate all available memory into sort buffers
 >  3.  Free the reserve buffer.
 >Alternatively you might consider making the maximum memory to use a
 >variable which can be set (say with a command line argument).  You can
 >then fine-tume it without a recompile.

This is one of the best suggestions I have seen so far.  There are a
few bits to fine-tune about it, but it has some possibilities.

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