stack overflow help? 
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 stack overflow help?

On 27 Apr 2003 20:41:00 GMT in comp.lang.c.moderated, "Douglas A.


>> How can a program control its input -- makes no sense.

>I didn't say the *program* had to be in control of the
>input, but anyway sometimes it can be, having itself
>written the file it then reads back in.

>>>Anyway, most likely the intructor was trying to demonstrate what
>>>problem could arise when using gets().
>> Unlikely the instructor was aware of the issues: not many
>> actually program in C; they just warm over their Pascal courses
>> and reword the examples.  ...

>Surely an assignment to create a buffer overrun would
>not be made obliviously, whether for Pascal or C.

Well, it seemed to me that stack overflow was the goal, nothing
that couldn't be easily achieved with a nice recursive function,
like a simple factorial or a sneaky little Ackerman, but a buffer
overrun was the result.

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis         Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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