Coding guidelines (was: Please, exchange experience on this 
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 Coding guidelines (was: Please, exchange experience on this

>My general philosophy is that functions should be understandable within

I have a slightly different philosophy.  I keep the information in
my functions understandable at an "appropriate" level.  For example,
if I have a function that implements a control law, it will usually
have a call to read the inputs, then perform the actual control law
calculations, and then write the outputs.  I don't have the low
level I/O details of just how the inputs are read and outputs
written show in the same function.

>I don't like jumping halfway across the file to see what
>signal catchers are set up.  And you can grow much more
>tolerant of long functions with a good editor and a large screen.

By the same token a good editor and large screen make it much easier
to deal with many functions even in different files.  Editors that
edit multiple files, split screen, and allow quick jumping to the
begining of functions are pretty common these days.
Walter Mallory

Sun, 14 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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