CfP: Babel01 Workshop on Multi-Language Infrastructure and Interoperability 
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 CfP: Babel01 Workshop on Multi-Language Infrastructure and Interoperability

                           CALL FOR PAPERS

                   First Workshop on Multi-Language
                 Infrastructure and Interoperability

            http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~nick/babel01.htm

                         Satellite to PLI'01

                  Firenze, Italy, 8th September 2001


Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in multi-language
tools and intermediate languages, and in interoperability between
programs and components written in different programming
languages. Shared infrastructure such as code generators, analysis
tools and garbage collectors can greatly ease the task of producing a
high-quality implementation of a new programming language, whilst
being able to interoperate easily with code written in existing
languages is essential for such an implementation to be useful in
practice.  This workshop aims to bring together researchers and
developers working on multi-language integration. Contributions are
welcome on topics including, but not limited to:

* Compilation of high level languages to common executable formats
  such as Sun's Java Virtual Machine, the DRA's ANDF or Microsoft's
  .NET Common Language Runtime.

* Defining and using bindings for component middleware such as OMG's
  CORBA or Microsoft's COM.

* Language constructs to support interoperability between different
  languages, particularly from different paradigms (e.g. OO/functional).

* Multi-language backends for compilation and/or analysis
  (e.g. MLRISC, FLINT, C--, TAL, SUIF).

* Type theoretic and semantic foundations for multi-language work.

* Multi-language development environments and tools (e.g. de{*filter*}s,

Submissions may address any programming paradigm.  Experience papers
which describe the use of multiple languages in application
development are also welcome. Authors unsure of the appropriateness of


Nick Benton (chair)          Microsoft Research
Fergus Henderson             University of Melbourne
Andrew Kennedy (organiser)   Microsoft Research
Greg Morrisett               Cornell University
Martin Odersky               Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
John Reppy                   Bell Labs
Andrew Tolmach               Portland State University
David Wakeling               University of Exeter


Zhong Shao                   Yale University


Deadline for submission      1st June 2001
Notification of acceptance   9th July 2001
Final version due            10th August 2001


Papers should be at most 14 pages and should be submitted in
Ghostscript-compatible postscript or PDF format and be printable on
both US letter and A4 paper.  Authors are strongly encouraged to use
ENTCS style files (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~entcs/).  Papers should
be submitted electronically from the workshop website given above.
Submissions should not overlap significantly with work which has
already been published or submitted to any other conference or
journal.  An informal proceedings will be published as a technical
report and distributed at the workshop.  It is intended that a final
proceedings will be published in a volume of ENTCS.

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