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 Programming Truths

: > From Elements of Programming Style (should be required reading):
: >From <URL: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;
: (not exactly what you would call a classic :-)
:    ``If it compiles, it works.''        
:    ``If a bug doesn't show, it doesn't exist.''
:    ``It's obvious how to optimize a program.''                          
:    ``Speed is good, features are better.''
:    ``Surprised users are happy users.''
: :-)
: There's more on the WWW page; additions are welcome.  (I've actually
: experienced many of the attitudes in real life.)

Thanks.  My favorites:

    ``Error handling can be done in version 2''
    (Last year, I ran screaming in horror from a project with
     lots of version 1 code riddled with the likes of
         if (! malloc(whatever)) ASSERT(msg);
     and this in embedded real-time standalone code on a platform without
     a console in a product to be operated by non-technical users, no less)

    ``Code is self-evident.  Comments aren't needed''
    (no amplification needed -- we've all been there)

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