Source for C based encryption source? 
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 Source for C based encryption source?

Can somebody suggest a good site where I can find Triple DES resources.



> >       I am a C programming student and am looking for some source
> > code and tutorials on doing file encryption using C.  I have written
> > several simple programs that work well with simple text files
> > created using Notepad but they don't work when trying to encrypt
> > more complex files such as the .doc files created by Word.  Can
> > someone point me to some reference materials, preferably on the web,
> > that would help me to learn this?

> You might find it helpful to visit the web sites of some cryptographic
> C libraries.  Lots of helpful links.  Here's the URL of cryptlib, a
> free C library:

>       http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~pgut001/cryptlib/

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Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:06:21 GMT  
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