Connecting to remote databases... 
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 Connecting to remote databases...

OK, another one for you to ponder over (these problems I come up against
invariable have me tearing my hair out, so I figured I'd put it to you guys
since it's normally something simple I've overlooked). What I want to do is
connect to an Access database hosted on a webserver (internet, not intranet
unfortunately) and as usual, I'm a bit lost, basically I want to be able to
do the same as I can through my asp pages (basic database stuff) but through
a VB frontend, easy enough to do in ASP on the server, easy enough to do in
VB connecting to a local database, but I'm lost as to how to connect to a DB
ona  webserver.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks for your help,

Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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