Server Busy Error when running OLE Automation in VB4.0 
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 Server Busy Error when running OLE Automation in VB4.0

I am trying to write a VB 4.0 program that uses OLE Automation and
trying to use Word 6.0 as the server.  I sometimes get an error "Server
Busy" when I make an automation call.  The book says that this is
because Word 6.0 is doing something else and cannot execute my request.
I tried using the "DoEvents" command and "On Error", but VB doesn't see
it as that type of error.  I also tried setting the
App.OleServerBusyRaiseError to true, but none of this works.  I would
like to try to find a way that can avoid the error or if I run into the
error, I would like a way to get rid of it and have control of my
program again.  The "Retry" button on the dialog box does not work.

I could change the message on the error box, but it doesn't make it go
away.  The only way I get rid of it is to shut Word 6.0 down and then
stop my program (not very cleanly) and start over.  This is not
acceptable for what I want to do.  Does anyone have a suggestion?


Sat, 19 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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