Scroll-bar problem in MDI-forms 
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 Scroll-bar problem in MDI-forms

We have a disturbing problem. We (me and my projectmembers) have
worked really hard with troubleshooting this problem without any

We cant get a scroll-bar in the MDI-forms when the
following properties set:

- TRUE in scrollbars for MDI father form

- Windowstate is maximized in the childform
- Borderstyle is none

The size of the childform is larger than the fatherform. We have
placed controls and buttons to make sure that the childform
really is larger than the fatherform.

A comparison to what we mean is the File Manager in Windows 3.1 where
scroll-bars come up when the information exceed the window (in
maximized window).

We would be very thankful for any reply.

Christian Svensson and Joakim Mattsen

HCI-students at University of Ronneby, Sweden

Mon, 03 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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