Mapping IP address to MAC address (VB5.0) 
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 Mapping IP address to MAC address (VB5.0)

Hi everyone,

I've been stuck on this one for the last 3 months - i was wondering if
any one of you nice folks can help me out.  Here's my problem:

I am writing a little add-on program for an information control system
for an EDP (IT)  department and the main function of this utility is to:

        a) Take as input a range of IP addresses or domain address of the
network, and it should go into a loop scanning all the IP addresses within
 the range specified.

        b) Please note - this is NOT for a hacking utility - I don't want
the program to give me details about ports and stuff.  

        c) I need the program to resolve Hostnames and IP addresses and
the important bit -- to use ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) to map the
IP address of the machine to the MAC address (i.e. the address of the
network interface card)

        d) Please note that this is a Token-Ring network with IBM 16/4
Token Ring adaptors.

1. I've already sorted out how to retreive the local IP address and
Hostname via Winsock programming.  Also, given the Hostname, the machine
can retreive any IP addresses on the network.

2. Also, a couple of people helped me out with some code for retreiving
the MAC address - but (I'm using VB5.0, Win95/WinNT4) when I tried the
code out, instead of displaying the actual MAC address (which looks a bit
like 40-00-06-00-00-6F, hex digits), it gives me a null value i.e.
00-00-00-00-00-00.   When I check with NBTSTAT in a DOS box or winipcfg
(sp.?) within Windows95 I get my genuine info on my IBM Token Ring card
with the actual MAC address, IP address, Hostname and Subnet mask  
of the local machine.

3. My problem is that I need to get the above details on all the active
machines on the company Token-Ring TCP/IP network.

Sorry this has been a rather long explaination of my problem, but i would
genuinely appreciate any feedback -- please cc to my email address.

Thank you.



Tue, 21 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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