Using DB Combo In VB 4.0 
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 Using DB Combo In VB 4.0


I'm new to VB development. I would appreciate if any of you can help me
with my current problem as discussed below.

Table Name 1 - ABC
Table Name 2 - XYZ

ABC table has following 2 fields -  Fld1, Fld2
XYZ is master table which has Fld1 and Fld2 as part of its complate

Combination of Fld1 and Fld2 is key to ABC.  Let's say ABC has
following entries,

    Fld1        Fld2
    Software    Test
    Software    Design
    Software    Doc
    Hardware    Test
    Hardware    Design

I have 2 DB COmbos. First will list "Fld1" values and depending upon
that value 2nd DB Combo will have its list row filled up accordingly.

Currently, In Db combo 1 I see fields value repeated. i.e with above
example, I see 3 Software and 2 Hardware and I want 1 Software and 1
Hardware. How do I set up DB combo properties or other to show DISTINCT
values of Fld1?

Also how do I fill up list rows of second DB combo according to
selection in 1st DB combo?

FYI, selection of these both DB combo will up updated in table XYZ in
corresponding fields.

Please help me.


-- Kiran

Tue, 01 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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