Problems with Paintpicture & Printer object in VB416 
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 Problems with Paintpicture & Printer object in VB416

Private Sub StampaDisegno(ByVal strPath As String, lngXpos As Long,
lngYpos As Long)
Dim X As Picture

Set X = LoadPicture(strPath)
Printer.PaintPicture X, lngXpos, lngYpos
Set X = Nothing
End Sub

The first call of the subroutine works but the second time the system
crash, in VB432 everything is ok.
Is there anywone who can help me or share my problem?

Stampa Disegno  "c:\disegno1.bmp",0,0     '-----> ok
Stampa Disegno  "c:\disegno2.bmp",0,2000 '-----> System Crash

Thank you

Glauco Marini

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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