VB5, ActiveX & Win2K 
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 VB5, ActiveX & Win2K

I have an app written in VB5 in which a regular .EXE program is using
an ActiveX EXE server process (also written in VB5); both apps were
created in a Win NT4 (SP6a) environment. These programs run as
expected in both Windows NT4 and in Windows 98. The ActiveX server COM
process has a user interface that is shown and hidden under the
control of the regular EXE process; it also interacts with an .MDB

However,in a Windows 2000 Pro environment, the two processes don't
seem to be able to communicate. The ActiveX process runs - I know it's
running because it's visible (and usable) if I minimize the main
process but the communication that I have going on between the two
processes is obviously not happening. Does anyone have any idea as to
what might be the problem here? Is there a more appropriate newsgroup
in which to ask this question?

Sat, 31 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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