Money and Windows Programming 
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 Money and Windows Programming

What are the salaries  like for a VB/Delphi/C++ Builder programmer
compared to a programmer who knows Visual C++ or MFC? Please could
someone give estimates of the starting out figures in those fields and
then the figures that may apply when I have spent say 5-10 yrs in the
industry and know my stuff and am expecting higher pay. I am a student
in New Zealand, so please tell me the currency that applies to the

Also I am under the impression that every company in the world has some
sort of records to keep track of (database/bookeeping/basically record
keeping etc..), and VB/Delphi/C++ Builder are geared towards that sort
of programming and hence their popularity (correct me if I'm wrong).
What tasks do Visual C++/MFC programmers undertake?

Currently I'm doing MFC programming for myself and VB on the side. Am I
wasting my time? (i.e. should I ditch one and if so which one?)

Wed, 16 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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