New API-Guide and ApiViewer available 
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 New API-Guide and ApiViewer available

The KPD-Team released a new version of API-Guide
and ApiViewer (a replacement for API-Toolshed).

API-Guide is a comprehensive database of API function
descriptions and examples. There are currently over 800
API functions in this database, all of them with at least
one example describing how they work.
Some API functions also have a .NET alternative
and a .NET example of how to use this alternative method.

ApiViewer is a complete rewrite of the Microsoft API Viewer.
It has an up to date database, based upon the header files
of WindowsXP.

For more information about these programs, please visit
There are screen shots available of both programs.

Kind Regards,
The KPD-Team

Thu, 01 Jan 2004 05:04:35 GMT  
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