VB5 apps reports "unexpected error" 
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 VB5 apps reports "unexpected error"

Got a real mystery here.
I have to different apps, developed in VB5 under NT4sp3.
They work perfect on my machine, and on my neighbour colleague, who
also has English NT4sp3. He's never had VB on his machine, but the VB
runtime and the only OCX needed (comctl32.ocx) is in the apps working
Now another colleague of mine gets the message "unexpected error" (no
error message number or any other information" when he tries to start
the app. He's running Norwegian NT4sp3. The same happens on our server
which runs English NT4sp3 Server.
I've also tried it on 4 other machines running NT3.51sp5 and it works

Why on earth do I get the "unexpected error" message on just some
machines!?!? I can't figure out any logical solution to this.
Desperately in need of help!!!

PLEASE send (copy of) any replies to

Mon, 30 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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