need to dynamically change registry settings 
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 need to dynamically change registry settings

 Hello all.

I do hope that someone can point me in the direction of good information.

I am working on a little applet that will dynamically repoint a win95 client
to one of a set of servers.  This part works great so far.  Very simple i
just rewrite the hosts file and use a generic name for resolution.
Currently the little applet can be run at any time and there is no need to
reboot the machine in between uses.

My problem is that now the end users are requesting to have visual feedback
for the server they are pointed to.  The application that runs across the
network doesn't really give any obvious feedback as to which server it is
pointed to at the present.  The clients are snugly buttoned down using
policies that prevent the end users from accessing anything but a very
limited set of applications, and they can't even look at the host file to
see who they are talking to without an administrator password.

I believe the easiest way to provide visual feedback is by changing the
desktop background image.  For this I have a few options.
a) overwrite the current .bmp file and make 'em reboot   (by far the easiest
solution for me but I don't really want the pc rebooted every time.)

b) find a command that will from the command prompt, edit the registry key
for the desktop, and swap to a bitmap that includes the name of the server I
am pointing to.

If anyone has any experience with this type of a problem, I will be greatly

Mindy Chapman
ConferTech International

Wed, 01 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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