setting location of data files in CrystalReport via Visual Basic 
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 setting location of data files in CrystalReport via Visual Basic

I wrote an application in Visual Basic (VB) version 5 which creates a
report via Crystal Reports (CR) version 6.  In VB I set

CrystalReport.DataFiles(0) = "c:\mydirectory\myfile.mdb"

If this is the same location as the database file when I desinged the
report in
CR report designer, everything works.  However, if I move the data file
to another location and set CrystalReport.DataFiles(0) accordingly, the
CR cannot find the datafile location when the application tries to
generate the
report.  (Although running CR and seting the data file location via the
Database menu fixes the problem, I think this should not be required.)
Is there something
else I have to do in the VB application for CR to recognize the location
in CrystalReport.DataFiles(0)?

Ray Muzic

Tue, 18 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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