DatePicker/MonthView in localized version of Windows 
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 DatePicker/MonthView in localized version of Windows


I'm building a VB6 application in which I use the datepicker and monthview
controls (from Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0 - MSCOMCT2.OCX). I'm
using a localized (Dutch) version of Windows. When my application displays
the controls, the names of the months and the days are in Dutch, as they
should be. However, at the bottom of the control, where the current date is
displayed, it still says "Today" in English. Why does this text not appear
in Dutch?

Is this a bug in the control? Is there a new version of MSCOMCT2.OCX
available somewhere which behaves correctly? I've noticed that the date
control which is used in the Find Files dialog box from the Windows Start
menu displays everything in Dutch. Clearly, Microsoft must have used another
version there.

Captain Proton

Fri, 30 May 2003 00:33:43 GMT  
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