odd winsock problem 
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 odd winsock problem

Hi all,

I can download files with Winsock ok, though there are some odd links on
sites which are scripted. Some download managers will get these things
others won't. The odd thing is that the normal IE downloader can get these
files. The DODOWNLOAD and URLDOWNLOAD in VB ( same functions as IE uses )
works for these files though Winsock won't get them at all.  The actual
filesize if missing also so Ie just reports them as "unknown file size" but
downloads them. Winsock reports no filesize and will also download but it
comes back with a blank html page when instead it should actually be like a
50K file.  I can't find what could be happening in IE which I having worked
out to do with Winsock. Does anyone know any resources which could explain
why IE can download these files but not in normal Winsock ? I'm guessing
that IE is working the actual file locations out different which is why it
can download them, probably some for of code in the control to understand
re-direct scripts or something ?

Thanks in advance,

Fri, 26 Nov 2004 23:51:37 GMT  
 odd winsock problem
What code are you using for Winsock? There may be an error with it.

Max Bolingbroke

Sat, 27 Nov 2004 00:10:22 GMT  
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