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 Print form---not!! - print.hlp [1/1]

 I'm new to VB and am taking a class at a local college.
 The class is taught in vb3.0 so I got this fro my home
 computers rather than try to do homework on the sslloowwww
 machines at school. The problem I'm having is I can't get the
 form to print.
  I have a p90 w/24 meg on a windows 3.11 net with a 486/66
 sharing a TI micromarc inkjet w/ 1meg. The pent is the main
 computer for the print manager. I have always been able to
 print graphics fine (and still can).
 When trying to print the form from the main menue, a "printin"
 box Flies past, the printer loads a new page, the carrage makes
 one pass w/o printing anything, then feeds the page through.
 (it prints fine at school) I tried adding the PrintForm method
 to the form load sub and the same thing happens. I tried watching
 the print manager as this happens and it flies by too quick to read
 a size on the print job...evidently 0k.
 I would write it off to the age of my printer and/or driver but
 someone else in the class is having the same problem w/ a new
 cannon color printer. He contacted cannon and they supplied him
  with an "updated" driver for his 2wk old still does
  the same thing.
  ANY suggestions???????

  2) I just read in this newsgroup that vb4.0 will save a project
  in .mak form if you tell it to... any truth to this and does that
  make vb4.0 projects openable(?) in vb3.0?? I had/have vb4 but had
  to order the "downgrade" from M/S to be compatable with the school
  system. (the down grade is a full copy of vb3 pro that costs $15
  if you have 4.0... wierd)

                  Thanks in advance

Sat, 05 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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