Printer Woes...... 
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 Printer Woes......

Just a question for anyone out there

Does anyone know how to grab an error from the system using API calls.
e.g. I am printing directly to a printer using Open LPT1: for output
as #1  etc...   But when there is no paper in the printer the machine
will freeze, because it does not get control back from the printer.
But since I am printing directly to the printer no error message gets
displayed in Windows.  Accroding to the API you use something to do
with the LastErrorMsg (Or something similiar) to gab display the last
system error message....  

Can someone help me out of the pridicament....  I can't really the
printer function as I am using a non standard printer with special
escape codes to cut the paper etc....

Wed, 08 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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