Pls Help: VB4 "Compile error in hidden module ..." 
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 Pls Help: VB4 "Compile error in hidden module ..."

Please Help!!  When trying to run any project in VB4, I get a "Compile error
in hidden module: _#Watch Module#_".  Also, whenever I view a code window,
much of the code (including comments) is in red, indicating errors.  My
installation has never worked on this machine (although I have installed on
another machine sucessfully).  I have installed 3 times.  This is the
Enterprise addition, "custom" installed only for 16 bit, with most of the
options (Enterprise features, ODBC drivers, etc.) turned off.  The install was
done on top of an existing VB 3.0 initially; I deleted the VB directory on a
subsequent install with no luck.  I do have lots of VBX's from 3.0 in my
\windows\system subdirectory.

Any ideas?

Wed, 20 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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