Help! Passing option arrays to sub 
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 Help! Passing option arrays to sub

I have a form with an option button array (Option1()).  I want to pass
this array to a subroutine, passing the Option1 array.  If there were
no array, it would look like this:

     Sub ProcessOptions (a as OptionButton)
        a.Caption = .....
     End Sub

     Call ProcessOptions Option1

My question is, how do I code with an array.  I'm not getting any help
from the books, knowledgebase, on-line help.  Specifically:

1.  Do I code the Sub like ... (a as OptionButton())?
2.  When I call it:  Call ProcessOptions Option1()?

I would not be dealing with the Index or user events.  I just want to be
able to set up the option buttons on the form (caption, visible, enabled,
etc.).   Everything I've tried doesn't work.  

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Fri, 19 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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