HELP: KeyPreview && Text Boxes :HELP 
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 HELP: KeyPreview && Text Boxes :HELP

Could someone help me with using form1.KeyPreview = TRUE
to enable keyboard I/O to work with Buttons _AND_ still
allow proper use of Text Boxes !!??

When I now click on a Text Box, I get my keystrokes intercepted
by the form, and am not able to Enter_Text in Text Boxes....

How can I switch OFF the keypreview so that Text Boxes can
accept and echo key presses normally again ????
And then re-activate (set true) KeyPreview so that Command Buttons
can once again be either Keyboard or Mouse activated.

The "Language Reference" does NOT say enough about this subject!

ByTheWay, all text boxes and other controls exist on just one form....


Wed, 12 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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