ASP prog that gets passwords of web-based email acounts 
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 ASP prog that gets passwords of web-based email acounts

Found an ASP prog that gets passwords of web-based email acounts.  The
site has a complete tutorial of how to retrieve passwords of web-based
email accounts through social engineering.
The best site I've ever seen dedicated to the concept: includes
tutorials, videos and the info is free...they have an ASP program that
you can download that retrieves the passwords using the methods
described...I downloaded it for 20 bucks but if you're
an experienced programmer, you could program it yourself.

The code is pretty simple......but I imagine it will take some time to

In general, great site, foremost because its the only legitimate site
with this much info on the topic.

Wed, 21 Sep 2005 06:36:20 GMT  
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