Conversion of DOS Btreive to Windows 95 (32-bit) 
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 Conversion of DOS Btreive to Windows 95 (32-bit)

In early stages of scoping effort on moving DOS based application to
Windows 95 (32-bit), C++ or VB, interested in experinces with converting
old style BTRIEVE DOS program to Windows 95 (32-bit).

1. Is it possible to take old format BTRIEVE (Version 5.0) into a C or VB
program in Windows 95 (32-bit)?
2. Is it worth the effort versus biting the bullet and converting to ACCESS
or Oracle?
3. Is it as simple as buying something like Visual DDF, generating a DDF
file and then using DAO to access the data?
4. Are there significant challeges in retaining transaction control over
BTRIEVE commits or does DAO provide this seamlessly?
5. The application uses physical addressing at times, is this supported via
DAO or must everything be via a key?

Any input greatly appreciated

Tue, 23 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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