If..Elseif vs. Select case 
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 If..Elseif vs. Select case

        Ok I've noticed people seem to disagree with me on the If Else if .. being
faster, l said that because in an abstract titled "Visual Basic, Visual
Basic for Application, and Microsoft Access Basic: Optimizing Basic
Performance" by Kenneth Lassesen of the Microsoft Developer Network
Technology Group. He wrote this while discussing a table that showed VB3
having faster times If..Elseif times then Select Case.

        "The If..Elseif structure is the preferred method, especially if the
programmer indented for readability. Select Case performance is an
acceptable alternative, and it will improve code clarity significantly"

        I would think that in VB4 and VB5 the Select Case IS faster, and that's
where I am wrong. I never would have said that statement so factually if I
had remembered that this abstract was only talking about VB3.

        Sorry to those I have misinformed.

Jon Clegg

Tue, 23 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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