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 Question--Help / VB/Access/Temp files

I'm using VB 3.0 to update data in Access and after a day of
data, I clean the data out using the
following code:

Sub DB_Clean (ByVal pvQDate$)

     Set DB_icc = OpenDatabase("c:\pager\DB\Pager.mdb", False,

     DB_icc.Execute "Delete * From [Paging_Stats] where PS_Date
<=#" & pvQDate$ & "#"

     Set DB_icc = Nothing
End Sub

But the Jet engine still holds the deleted information in a
temp file. Each day the temp file
grows..The only way I've been able to clean the temp file is by
shutting down the system and
restarting.(Even I know this is a hack.)
The trans lines was an attempt to release the temp file..No

Please E-mail and suggestions or solutions to

Mon, 27 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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