Q: How to fire COM events of a predefined interface 
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 Q: How to fire COM events of a predefined interface

I have a pre-defined interface IFooEvents. Various servers supply these
events. At the moment there is one client which happens to be written
in VJ++. I need to write such a server in VB.

OLE View shows me that VB servers do implement
IConnectionPointContainer, but I have no idea how to get IFooEvents'
IID in there, and no idea how to write VB code to raise/fire the
events. The server does not actually implement the interface, it is
just expected to call methods on another object (the client) which
implements the interface after being Advise()d of the client, so the
'Implements' keyword does not seem to be what I want.

I have found references in the help and newsgroups containing code like
"Public Event Bar()" and "Raise Bar", but nothing to tie that to an IID.

Any pointers?

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Fri, 01 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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