Q:Netscape(1.1) DDE and Visual Basic 
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 Q:Netscape(1.1) DDE and Visual Basic

Netscape version 1.1 supports DDE and OLE2. but...

Here's the  problem!

Netscape needs qcs - quoted null terminated strings so you do the

text1.LinkItem = chr$(34)+"AnyURL"+chr$(34)+chr$(0)

What happens is VB sees the chr$(0) and ignores the rest of the item,
so it Netscape never sees the rest of  the command.

Also Netscape sometimes returns a DW which also confuses VB when you
do a linkRequest. eg. WWW_Version returns DW.

Any ideas?

[ Name : Daniel Grealy              ]

Mon, 22 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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