Differences between VB and VC++? 
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 Differences between VB and VC++?

I have been a C++ programmer now for about three years (DOS mode, mind
you) and need to make the switch to Windows style programming.  I have
looked at all of the books that show how to write Windows code in C/C++,
and thought it to be a little much.

Along comes Microsoft's "Visual" series compilers, that are supposed to
make things a lot easier for a programmer to write Windows style
programs. (And what little experience that I do have with VB definitely
confirms that to be truth.)

My question is this:  I have absolutely *no* experience with VC++, and
very little with VB.  But I have enough to know that VB is a good route
to take.  Is VC++ structured the same way, that is, drag-and-drop form
generation and so on, or is it just another C++ Windows-aware compiler?  
Does anyone in VB land know?  The books that I have looked at seem to
tell me that VC++ is coding intensive, and that it doesn't have the same
feel and interface as VB.

Let me know by email, as I do not monitor this group.

Scott D. Maness

Tue, 26 Aug 1997 13:43:02 GMT  
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