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 Crystal Reports Parameterized Query

I'm not sure this is the best place to ask, but here goes.

We are trying to specify a parameter that we want Crystal to prompt for
in a query being run against an ODBC connection to an SQL Anywhere DB:

Dirpo."PoNum", Dirpo."CustNum", Dirpo."Slsman", Dirpo."BilltoAdd1",
Dirpo."BilltoAdd2", Dirpo."BilltoAdd3", Dirpo."BilltoCity",
Dirpo."BilltoState", Dirpo."BilltoCountry", Dirpo."BilltoZip",
Dirpo."Shipto", Dirpo."ShiptoAdd1", Dirpo."ShiptoAdd2",
Dirpo."ShiptoAdd3", Dirpo."ShiptoCity", Dirpo."ShiptoState",
Dirpo."ShiptoCountry", Dirpo."ShiptoZip", Dirpo."PreparedBy",
Dirpo."ProjectCode", Dirpo."CustDateNeeded", Dirpo."CustName",
Dirpo."OrderNotes", LineItem."LineNum", LineItem."LineType",
LineItem."PartNumSKU", LineItem."Quantity", LineItem."UnitPrice",
    "admin"."Dirpo" Dirpo,
    "admin"."LineItem" LineItem
    Dirpo."PoNum" = LineItem."PoNum" AND
    Dirpo."PoNum" LIKE {?OrderNumberInput}*

Problem is, we get "ODBC systax error."

On the 'Database' tab of Options, we have "Perform Grouping on Server"
checked in the belief it will enable 'pass-through' behavior on the ODBC

We've been able to get the prompting to work, but can't plug the
resulting value into the SQL.

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