MSComm handshaking? 
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 MSComm handshaking?

I am using the MSComm control with VB4 Pro, writing a small app which
transmits files to a *VERY* dense serial device. The other end supports
software handshaking well, and works in manual tests transmitting data
with a terminal program.

My problem comes in using my app, which does not respect the XON/XOFF
handshaking, causing lost data. I have the Handshaking property set on
the MSComm control, but further reading of the on-line help indicates
that the property only works for incoming data.

Is this the case? I can attempt more manual control of hardware
handshaking instead, but that would involve reconfiguring devices which
are several hundred km away. Naturally, I'd rather just change the
program here.

        Tim Lavoie

Sun, 02 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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