VB3: modal form gets hidden by main MDI form in Win98 
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 VB3: modal form gets hidden by main MDI form in Win98

I have an MDI form which displays a Child window,
which has a menu.  The menu can display a modal form.
I'd like this to behave just like the Options window
in Word '97.  But it doesn't.  

Normally the modal form is on top of the MDI form.
It may also be on top of a Child window.  
If I minimize and restore the app two times, by clicking
on the Taskbar's Desktop icon, and then I click on
the app's Taskbar button, the Modal form gets hidden
behind the MDI form.  I can only make it re-appear by
pressing Alt-Tab.  Otherwise, the app appears to the
user as if it's locked up.  But few users know about Alt-Tab.

I read an Article in DejaNews which says to put some
code in the Paint event of the underlying form, to make
the modal form re-appear.  That works unless the child
form is minimized.  I think I'd have to use Message Blaster
to get at the Paint event of the main MDI form, and put
code in there too.

I'd have to do that for every Modal form I have.  I'm
wondering if there's a better way.  Deja.com has shut
down all the good VB3 archives.  I'm hoping that someone
remembers how to fix this problem, when they first ran
their app on Win98.

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 16:08:37 GMT  
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