comparing MSChart populated data with original data in variant form 
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 comparing MSChart populated data with original data in variant form

Using MSChart, I am graphing spectral data that can have some rather large
numbers.  The original data is read into a variant array which is then used
to populate the chart with the "MSChart1.Chartdata=Arrayname" expression.
Using the array, I find the maximum value and stick it in a variant
variable.  Later, I am going through the chart data and need to test if that
is the maximum, so I check to see if it is equal to the number that was
saved.  The problem is that the large number from the chart data is in
scientific notation and is rounded in the sixth place.  Consequently, when I
test the two numbers to see if they are the same, they are not because of
the rounding.  How can I compare the two numbers?

Mon, 17 Feb 2003 10:53:35 GMT  
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