Why doesn't SetFocus work fast enough? 
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 Why doesn't SetFocus work fast enough?


> If the focus is set on the appropriate scrollbar, these actions occur
>automatically.  So, in what I thought was a great strike of genius, I set
>the form's KeyPreview to True, and in the KeyDown routine of the form,
>I coded a SetFocus on either the Vertical or Horizontal Scroll, based on
>the value of KeyCode, following that with a DoEvents.

> I can see the focus change as soon as I press down one of the keys I want
>to act on (the blinking square on the scrollbar confirms this), *but* if
>the scrollbar getting the focus is not the one that had it before, the key
>is sent to the scrollbar that had the focus before the key was pressed (in
>other words, it works *except* for the first keypress after I switch the
>focus from one to the other scrollbar).

I see the problem and the problem is a slight misunderstanding of yours how
SetFocus works.
What happens is this:

- You press a key
- Because of 'Preview' Form1_KeyDown is called
- In this sub you change the focus.
- Now the KeyDown event continues to the control which _orignally_ had the
  focus, because SetFocus only changes the focus but not the internal
  event queue which still points the the orignal control.

What you have to do is create a new KeyDown Event which you send to the
right scroll bar:

Sub Form1_KeyDown (KeyCode%, Shift%)
    Select Case KeyCode%
        VScroll.SetFocus 'You don't have to change the focus doing t this
                         'way, but if you like to...
        VScroll_KeyDown KeyCode%, Shift%
        ' Same for HScroll
    End Select
    KeyCode = 0 'Don't forget this or you might get double moves
End Sub

cu Robin

Sat, 14 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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