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 Access 2000 in VB6

Well, I was planning on making a database in access to keep track of
all the pez dispensers ever made and which ones I owned, the give it to
a few hundred people who I know who also collect pez.  I asked on of my
professors at school about this and he said I would either need the
development kit for office which is a few hundred bucks or I would have
do a lot in VB.  He said I could do the data portion in VB (which I am
currently doing) and I would have to write the forms and the
distribution files in VB.  I own Visual Studio 6 (Got if for $5 for
being a purdue student <G>) but I don't know enough about it to be able
to do this.  Can anyone send me to a site that could help me with
this?  If not, I will have to wait til next year to learn some of this
in a class.  Thanks in advance.


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