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 SAX parsers?


Does anybody know of a free SAX parser that will work fine with Win98?
I've looked at a few, including the one from MS, but they all have
problems that make them unsuitable. For example, the MS SAX parser
only returns fatal errors rather than warnings and so on.

The data stream comes from an internet server and can be arbitrarily
large - the whole is surrounded with <session></session> tags so a
complete document will probably not occur with the first call to a
parse text function. In other words, the parser should be able to
parse a document which is given to it in small pieces - the MS parser
will not do this.

If you know of an ActiveX wrapper for the Expat parser, that would be
just as good :)

Thanks in advance,


Fri, 28 May 2004 23:15:00 GMT  
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